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Fri Nov 3 16:56:34 EST 2006

Sean Egan spake unto us the following wisdom:
> On 11/3/06, Nathan Walp <faceprint at faceprint.com> wrote:
> > I'd rather see us use a bank that is in more than 4 states, or at least
> > in states that more than one of us live in.  I use Wachovia, but that
> > seems to be just the east-coast states plus Texas.
> Outside of the midwest, CharterOne is known as Citizens Bank.

This is a concern.  However, as Sean can tell you, we spent some time
trying to find a bank which had physical presence in both the midwest
and the northwest, and failed; I suspect that many regions will have
this problem.  As Sean points out, CharterOne is also Citizens Bank,
which covers most of the midwest and a good portion of the East.
Other options are Chase (which I hate, and charges ridiculous fees for
standard services), 5/3, and a set of banks which are much smaller
than either of these or Charter One.  I was shocked to find out that
there's really not such a thing as a national bank.

Another point is that we're not married to this bank forever; we can
change banking institutions in the future if the circumstances demand


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