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I'm 25, a third year medical student, and four times more likely to  
spontaneously combust than indicated by all previous ibvestigations.


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> Hey Board,
> I'm updating the bios for our 1023 tax exemption form. Let me know if
> anything below should be updated. If I don't hear from you by Monday
> (when I hope to finally get this out), I'll assume everything's
> kosher.
> Sean Egan, Director and  Director and President, 25, has been the
> maintainer and lead developer of the Pidgin project since 2001. Sean
> currently lives in Seattle, Washington, where he is employed by
> Google, Inc. and works on their Google Talk product, a standards-base
> instant messaging service. Egan discovered open-source development his
> first year of college at Binghamton University, where he has a B.S. in
> Computer Science. Egan has authored a book on Pidgin development,
> titled Open Source Instant Messaging Application Development: Building
> and Extending Pidgin, and he remains devoted to instant messaging
> freedom today.
> Egan works an average of one hour per week on IMF matters. As
> President, he chairs the meetings of the board of directors and has
> responsibility and oversight for the IMF's day-to-day activities.
> Mark Doliner, Director and Vice President, 25, Palo Alto, California.
> Graduated from North Carolina State University with a Bachelor of
> Science degree in Computer Science in 2003.  He has been a steady
> supporter of open source software for 6 years, including working
> heavily with the open source project "Pidgin."  Doliner tries to be
> fair and thorough when making decisions.
> Doliner works an average of a half hour per week on IMF matters. As
> Vice President, he will act in the absence of the President.
> Luke Schierer,  Director and Secretary, 26, graduated from George
> Mason University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science
> in 2003.  Has worked with Free and Open Source software for 8 years,
> including 6 years with the "Pidgin" project.  Schierer has
> consistently worked to make the Open Source software he has been
> involved with more stable for those using it.  A well known
> contributor in the "Pidgin" project, the first project to be overseen
> by Instant Messaging Freedom, Inc, Schierer brings both significant
> experience and consistent leadership.
> Schierer works approximately a half hour per week on IMF matters. As
> Secretary, he manages IMF's records, including corporate
> organizational documents and meeting minutes.
> Ethan Blanton,  Director and Treasurer,  26, graduated from Ohio
> University in Athens, Ohio with a Bachelor of Science degree in
> Computer Science in 2002.  He received a Master of Science degree in
> Computer Science from Purdue University in 2005, and is continuing
> work on a Ph.D. at Purdue.  He has been a user of Free and Open Source
> software since 1994, and a contributor since 1996. Blanton brings much
> technical and leadership experience to the Board of Instant Messaging
> Freedom, Inc.
> Blanton works approximately one hour per week on IMF matters. As
> Treasurer, he will manage IMF's books  and work with the Secretary to
> ensure that required paperwork (taxes, legal documents) are filed.
> Evan Schoenberg, Director, 23, graduated from Vanderbilt University
> with a Bachelor of Science degree in Neuroscience, minor in Computer
> Science, in 2005, and is currently a second year medical student at
> the Emory University School of Medicine.  He has developed Free and
> Open Source software -- primarily related to instant messaging -- for
> the past 4 years. He is best known as the lead developer of "Adium,"
> an instant messaging program for Mac OS X which leverages the "Pidgin"
> project's core.  Schoenberg offers a unique perspective on open source
> instant messaging development in addition to significant leadership
> experience.
> Schoenberg works approximately a half hour per week on IMF matters.
> Mark Spencer,  Director, 29, has been involved in Linux and Open  
> Source since as
> early as 1994 after attending the Research Science Institute.  He is
> the original creator of Pidgin and Asterisk (the Open Source
> telecommunications platform) as well as some less well known programs
> such as l2tpd, djkrazy and Cheops.  Mark is the Founder and President
> of Digium, Inc.  Mark graduated Auburn High School in 1995 and
> received his BS from Auburn University in 2000.
> Spencer works approximately a half hour per week on IMF matters.
> Nathan Walp,  Director, 24, graduated with a Bachelors of Science in  
> Computer
> Science from Virginia Tech in 2004.  He has been a user of open source
> software since 1998, and contributor to Pidgin since 2001.  In 2002,  
> Walp
> accepted the responsibilities of becoming a Pidgin developer, and  
> since
> that time has contributed code of his own, as as well as mentoring and
> guidance for users and contributors alike.
> Walp works approximately a half hour per week on IMF matters.
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