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Forwarding Gary's response.  It didn't make it to the board list
because the list was set to reject non-member emails (probably my
doing).  I think I changed it to hold non-member emails.


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Mark Doliner wrote:


> Spreadshirt:
> This is where I got the shirts me Richard and Gary and I for the
> Summer of Code mentor summit in 2007.  I've been pretty happy with
> mine.  Richard and Gary, have your shirts held up ok?  Their shirts
> are generally a little bit more expensive.  Their web site is a little
> less in-your-face than zazzle.com.  I think they can ship from the US
> or from somewhere in the EU, whichever is closer.  Their commissions
> are totally configurable.  And I think they also have an affiliate
> program where we would get an additional 20% if we refer people from
> our site (likely).  Spreadshirt can pay us by PayPal or by direct
> deposit.

Mine's held up alright, although the collar had an accident with some
bleach :)

> CafePress:
> I have the least experience with CafePress.  Their prices look pretty
> good, maybe better than Zazzle and Spreadshirt.  The commission is
> totally configurable, and they also have a commission program where
> you get an additional 15% for anyone you refer.  They can pay us by
> check.

I've used cafepress in the past to create my gf3 tshirts.  Still haven't
sold any to anyone but myself, but it was easy to deal with at the time

> It's kind of a pain to do the math, but if you make the same design on
> the same type of shirt at all three places, and set it up to give us
> the same commission, I think CafePress comes out about $2 cheaper than
> Zazzle, and Zazzle is maybe $4 cheaper than Spreadshirt.  And people
> would probably be paying between $23 and $30 for a shirt, including
> shipping, depending on the type of shirt and depending on the design
> we come up with.

Dunno how pricing is now, but i was able to get an el cheapo gf3 tshirt
for < $20.

> -Mark

Gary Kramlich <grim at reaperworld.com>
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