Tax filing

Mark Doliner mark at
Sat Jan 31 19:49:21 EST 2009

Hey hey, so IM Freedom has its tax exempt status, right?  I was poking
around the IRS website (because it's just so gosh darn interesting!),
and while I don't think we need to submit a full Form 990 (because we
don't have over $25,000 in income), it DOES seem like we're supposed
to submit Form 990-N.

They sometimes refer to this form as an "e-Postcard."  This form
basically just tells the IRS "yes, we're still alive."  According to
their website, if an organization does not submit this form three
years in a row then it automatically loses its tax exempt status.
This form is new--this is the second year that organizations are
supposed to submit it.  So, I think we were probably supposed to
submit one last year, too.  Luckily it doesn't look like there's
really any penalty to not submitting it.  I get the impression that we
should submit the form twice, once for this year (2006 to 2007) and
once for last year (2007 to 2008).  The form can be submitted
electronically by answering some questions on a website that they link

I was surprised, but the irs website is actually pretty decent.  Their
info is pretty easy to grok and the layout isn't horrible.

Does this all sound accurate to you guys?  If so, who should fill out
that form?  I'd be glad to.  I was thinking it might be easiest for
Ethan to do it though, since he's treasure and I never have our tax ID

Information about Form 990-N here:,,id=169250,00.html

And their FAQ about Form 990-N:,,id=177782,00.html


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