Google Summer of Code mentor summit reimbursements

Ethan Blanton elb at
Tue Oct 27 21:21:38 EDT 2009

Ethan Blanton spake unto us the following wisdom:
> If directors could vote 'Yea' or "Nay' on the following proposal in a
> timely fashion, I would appreciate it:
>     IMF, Inc. shall reimburse mentors traveling to the 2009 Google
>     Summer of Code Mentor Summit for their actual travel expenses
>     (those expenses to be reimbursed to IMF by Google at a later date,
>     and no others) once appropriate receipts demonstrating actual
>     expenses have been provided.
> As I am a reimbursed party under this proposal, I recuse myself from
> this vote.

For the record, the final total value of these tickets was $752.81.

I require one more 'yea' vote to be able to cut these checks.


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