Mark Doliner mark at kingant.net
Mon Jun 6 03:03:40 EDT 2011

I compared a cheap t-shirt with an image on both the front and back at
Zazzle and at Spreadshirt.  Zazzle calls their shirt "value,"
Spreadshirt calls theirs "standard weight."

The shirt at Zazzle was $15.70 + $1.61ish tax + $6.48 shippinghandling = $23.79.
The shirt at Spreadshirt was $14.90 + $4.50 shippinghandling = $19.40.

For both of them we can tack on a commission of our choosing.  The
minimum commission at Zazzle is 10%.  I think the minimum at
Spreadshirt is $0.

I made a store on Zazzle a while ago and it's still up.  You can see
it at http://www.zazzle.com/imfreedom  I don't think we've sold
anything, so we have zero earnings.  If we had earnings (over $25 I
think) they can either pay us via PayPal or mail us a check.  And I
think they pay maybe monthly.

I made some trial shirts on Spreadshirt a long time ago.  You can see
the store at http://markdoliner.spreadshirt.com/ (fair warning: it
might be hard for commission on stuff from this store to go to IMF, so
I don't recommend buying things from there if you're trying to donate
to IMF).

It looks like Spreadshirt is a little cheaper, and the barrier to
entry is basically nothing, so it seems like it makes sense for us to
create an account there and direct people to the Spreadshirt store.
Maybe I'll order a shirt and if it looks acceptable then I'll link to
it from a blog post in our planet/news aggregator?

In the board meeting I think Zac and raised the possibility of Pidgin
piggybacking off of Adium's Spreadshirt account?  We could do that...
but it seems like it's just as easy to just create a separate account?
 I don't have a good feel for the tradeoffs involved in using two
stores owned by a single account versus two accounts with a single
store each.


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