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Genius me forgot to reply-to-list on this one.

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Date: Tue, 03 Dec 2013 23:03:27 -0500
From: John Bailey <rekkanoryo at pidgin.im>
To: Mark Doliner <mark at kingant.net>
Subject: Re: Change to email voting procedures

On 12/03/2013 09:27 PM, Mark Doliner wrote:
> This process feels heavy and slow to me. I'd like to make the following changes:
> 1. The voting period opens immediately when something is proposed.
> 2. The voting period lasts 2 weeks.
> 3. The vote will be considered approved or rejected immediately upon
> receiving a majority of votes.
> The last point might already be the case, but I want to make it
> explicit. Do these changes seem reasonable? It removes a 1 week
> opportunity for board members to try to persuade each other which way
> to vote.
> Also, the above decision only deals with expenditures of more than
> $100. I couldn't find any documented process for other votes. Maybe we
> should follow the same voting process for that, too?

It couldn't hurt to follow that same process.  I believe we've done that in the
past whether money was involved or not.  In that case, voting would open on this
at 6:27 PM PST on 2013-12-10 and conclude at 6:27 PST on 2013-12-17.


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