Change to email voting procedures

John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Fri Jan 24 06:59:33 EST 2014

On 12/22/2013 02:41 AM, Mark Doliner wrote:
> Voting for this closed a few hours a few hours ago.
> Votes in favor:
> - Mark Doliner
> - Ethan Blanton
> - Evan Schoenberg
> That's only 3 out of 7, so this vote does not pass. If anyone intended to vote
> in favor but forgot to, lemme know and I'll be happy to re-propose.

Sorry about this, Mark.  I meant to vote in favor of it, but the last couple
weeks of the year suck for me and pretty much everything other than work falls
off my radar for several weeks.  If you propose the change again, I'll try to
make sure I get my vote in within the window.


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