Stepping down from the Board

Jorge VillaseƱor salinasv at
Mon Jul 31 19:15:51 EDT 2017

Hi all,

I write this email to announce that I need to step down from my role as
Director of the IM Freedom. I know I wasn't able to contribute to the
foundation objectives as much as I would liked to and I apologize for not
being more proactive at moving forward our proposals.

At the beginning of the year I was really excited to the idea of meeting
some of you at and be able to gain some momentum, but at the
same time, in real life I have been going through many changes, one of them
was my day time job.

My current role on this new job may place me in a situation where a
conflict of interest may arise between IMFreedom and my employee, as a
consequence I need to quit from the IM Freedom board

I hope you all the best and my wish is for this foundation to have a big
impact on the current, always changing, IM ecosystem.

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