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John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Mon Mar 25 20:53:00 EDT 2019

Hello fellow board members!

It's now quickly approaching April, and traditionally this is when we hold
our required annual board meeting.  I'd like to decide on a date and agenda
for the meeting.  I can be available any evening from 2200 UTC until 0400
UTC except Thursdays.  I'd prefer also avoiding April 1 due to my work
schedule.  I think April 1 is too soon anyway given our bylaws about
meeting timing and agendas.  I'd suggest we look at April 8 as the earliest
reasonable meeting date.

As for an agenda, I have the following items:
  * Treasurer's report, as usual, including a status update on the transfer
of Treasurer duties from Ethan to Colin
  * Old business:
      * Gary wants to present an update on the address debacle from last
      * Update from Gary and myself on infrastructure (servers, services,
      * Gary also wants to present an update on the IMF website and wiki.
I authorized him in May 2018 to pursue a redesign of the site and he
received a fair amount of help from Daniel Reilly (who volunteered on
Gary's twitch stream), but we don't believe anyone other than Gary, Daniel
Reilly, and I have seen it.
  * New business:
      * Election of board members and officers.  Since I haven't heard
otherwise I'm going to assume we want to just re-elect everyone to the same
      * I'd like to propose IMF disburse $5,000 to Gary to work full time
on Pidgin, Adium, and libpurple for a month.  We'll also need to determine
how to handle this for tax purposes for both Gary and IMF.  I'm assuming
IMF can report this on a 1099-MISC (which would require us to report to the
IRS by 2020-01-30, but that seems doable).  Technically, since I will be
chairing the meeting, I don't think I can actually make the formal
proposal, so if someone else could do that, I would appreciate it.

If anyone else has items for the agenda, please let me know ASAP and I'll
update the list.

Also, please make sure you respond with what days and UTC times work for

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