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I agree with the approach proposed.

On 12/2/22 14:16, Gary Kramlich wrote:
> Greetings,
> As I wrote previously[1] AWS has released a container runtime tool
> named Finch[1]. I just got off of a call with Pamela Chestek[3] who
> represented GNOME in their trademark case against Groupon[4].
> She suggested that she reach out to their legal team on our behalf in
> an informal manner, basically a "we don't want to raise a big stink
> about this, but this isn't right" kind of thing. She is imagining that
> the developers of the other tool didn't get the name cleared by legal,
> and since we both run on the same platform (macOS) and that Finch is
> available via the Pidgin HomeBrew package, that they're close enough
> that there could be confusion.
> She is estimating 30 minutes to an hour of her time to find the right
> contact and get this sent out with an hourly rate of 385 USD. We
> wouldn't be on the hook for anything after that, and we can decide the
> next steps depending on their response. I just realized I completely
> forgot to ask about a retainer, but I can't imagine that'd be
> necessary unless this gets much more serious.
> I told her I would get back to her early next week, so I would like
> for everyone to respond with a yay to proceed or a nay to do nothing
> by Tuesday December 6th at 1800 UTC. See
> for the time in your repective timezones.
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]
> Thanks,
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