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Richard Laager rlaager at
Wed Nov 23 04:17:47 EST 2022

On 11/23/22 02:19, Gary Kramlich wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 22, 2022 at 11:08 PM Richard Laager <rlaager at> wrote:
>> As I understand it, the pipermail issue is the bulk of the migration
>> problem. My plan was specifically to give up on trying to preserve the
>> URLs, and even the messages themselves if necessary.
>> That said, can we just scrape the existing pipermail site and save it as
>> a static HTML website? That would preserve the messages and the URLs.
> Looking at it on disk, it appears to already just be a static site.
> Like nothing needs to be done, I need to verify, but that _does_ seem
> to be the case. So it'd really just be to load that all into a
> container (in a reproducible fashion) throw nginx infront of it with a
> dir index at the root and and be done.

So, the project to eliminate the mailing lists is something like this:

1. "roll out Discourse[3] on a DigitalOcean node, import the mailman
users lists into it, and create spaces for Pidgin, Finch, Purple, GNT,
and IMFreedom on it with appropriate threads and stuff to replace our
existing mailing lists."

2. Adjust the website to link to Discourse instead of mailing lists. 
Send one last message to the mailing lists pointing people to the 

3. Move archives into some sort of static serving setup.

At that point, our email needs are just outbound relay + inbound 
forwarding. I'm happy to provide that. It's literally a few minutes to 
setup accounts, then we change DNS, and shut off rock.


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