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> On Tue, Oct 18, 2022 at 5:52 PM Gary Kramlich <grim at>
> wrote:
> >
> > So yeah.. Another quarter and email isn't done.. Sorry this has taken
> > so long, it's just difficult and complicated.. That said, I was
> > talking to Robby O'Conner (r0bby from #pidgin) and he's in charge of
> > the infrastructure for librehealth[1] and he mentioned that they use
> > mailgun[2] for their email.
> >
> > Mailgun doesn't have an Open Source plan, which means we'd need to pay
> > for it. It does support both incoming routing rules (it looks like for
> > multiple domains but I need to confirm) as well email forwarding and
> > even a REST API if we need that for some reason. The price for 10,000
> > emails a month (their lowest plan) is $35 per month, which would be
> > about $420 USD a year. This seems like an obvious no-brainer to me as
> > supporting, securing, and maintaining an email system is no simple
> > task and we can make it not our problem for less than $500 USD a year.
> This cost seems reasonable to me and within IMF's means for a
> considerable amount of time given our current cash reserves.  I assume
> this includes spam filtering; handling being DKIM, SPF, and DMARC
> compliant; and whatnot?  (I have never looked at this kind of service
> so I really have no clue.)

Yeah I need to verify all of that yet, but I can't imagine it's not there.

> As I've said before, I've been inactive in the day-to-day for long
> enough that I'm not sure my opinion on anything would be relevant,
> aside from expenses IMF would need to bear.
> > So my plan, with the board's approval, is to roll out Discourse[3] on
> > a DigitalOcean node, import the mailman users lists into it, and
> > create spaces for Pidgin, Finch, Purple, GNT, and IMFreedom on it with
> > appropriate threads and stuff to replace our existing mailing lists.
> > We would then point Discourse to the current email server that Richard
> > has patiently been hosting as I try to get this all figured out. Once
> > that move is complete, we would then replace the email server with
> > mailgun and finally move past this.
> I like the idea of getting rid of that old server finally.

Me too and especially Richard 😅

> I need to verify a few things yet, like confirming that mailgun does
> > support multiple domains, how robust their incoming filters are, and
> > testing the user import from mailman into Discourse.
> >
> > When it comes to the existing archives, the easiest solution is to
> > just dump them in a container with pipermail and serve them at the
> > existing URLs, but I'd really like to not have to require that old
> > version of mailman to get pipermail. So if anyone knows of another
> > solution, including just rendering it all out to static HTML please
> > let me know.
> I will think about this and try to find some options.  The one thing
> working in our favor here is the existing archives are in mbox format,
> and there are only about 10 trillion tools and libraries out there to
> do stuff with mbox.

Yeah I know there needs to be something out there. But like I said worst
case we can just dump them in a container with piper mail setup with CGI.

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