Sametime included in Pidgen

Wise, Jeremey jwise at
Thu May 31 11:50:24 EDT 2007

I have used GAIM for quite a few years. 


I run Pidgen on Fedora 7 and have been having a LOT of stability issues
which I use Evolution connector but have been having stability issues. 


I figured I would download the latest version and see if the stability
issues persisted.


After I tried to get pidgin.repo to work (set version explicitly to 6 vs
$Release which wants to have Fedora Core 6) I figured I would give
source a try


I removed the Fedora 7 beta rpm install. Compiled from source and it
installed and fired up fine..... but... no more Sametime.


I have to have this for work. Is this still as a "meanwhile" packages?
Or is this included in Pidgen?







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