Terms of Vulture's Acceptance to IMF

John Bailey rekkanoryo at pidgin.im
Mon Dec 7 12:26:51 EST 2009

Hi, all,

At the last IM Freedom board meeting, it was voted to accept the fledgling
Vulture project under IMF's umbrella with specifics to be determined later.  Per
that vote, I'd like to discuss the specifics.

I'm proposing, unless anyone objects or has better ideas, that when the
vulture.im website is set up, we use it in addition to pidgin.im to solicit
donations to IMF.  I know we don't have a donation mechanism set up yet, but I
believe Kevin was supposed to be working on that.  Anyway, I'm proposing that
all donations solicited via vulture.im go directly to IMF, with the
understanding that donations don't grant the donor the right to direct
development.  Of course, I'd like for the Vulture project to be able to use some
of that money should the need ever arise (which is something I don't forsee
happening) in the same way Pidgin has done.

I'd also like to see IMF manage the Vulture trademark, once we establish one,
which I believe we need to wait on until we've made a release and started using
said trademark.

As a data point related to expenses, for now and the forseeable future, Vulture
is using the Pidgin status and protocol icons, which IMF already contracted
prior to the settlement with AOL.  I doubt we'll have a need to change these, as
they look perfectly fine as-is.  We don't have a Vulture logo, but I was hoping
we could get someone to volunteer a logo instead of needing to contract an
artist for one.

So, I'd like comments for refinements and appropriate phrasing (and any changes
that may be appropriate or necessary) so we can iron out a specific document for
IMF's board to vote on.


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