Terms of Vulture's Acceptance to IMF

John Bailey rekkanoryo at pidgin.im
Mon Dec 7 13:10:54 EST 2009

John Bailey wrote:
> As a data point related to expenses, for now and the forseeable future, Vulture
> is using the Pidgin status and protocol icons, which IMF already contracted
> prior to the settlement with AOL.  I doubt we'll have a need to change these, as
> they look perfectly fine as-is.  We don't have a Vulture logo, but I was hoping
> we could get someone to volunteer a logo instead of needing to contract an
> artist for one.

I also forgot to mention the vulture.im domain, which I registered for 5 years
in my own name with the intention of donating it to the project.  Gregor
reimbursed me for half of that cost.  The total was 160.00 Pound Sterling, which
translated to $266.54 US with the exchange rates on September 13 (the date that
the transaction posted to my credit card account).  I expect that I'll be able
to donate the domain name again when its registration is due for renewal in
September 2014.


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