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Evan Schoenberg, M.D. evan at
Sat Oct 30 15:08:10 EDT 2010


The Adium team is setting up a merchandise store - initially T-shirts bearing the Adium logo.  The store is to be run initially by, which will be doing both production and delivery.

I would like to provide spreadshirt with IMF's tax ID and banking information for the purposes of proceeds from these sales (currently set at $5 per shirt) being deposited into the Adium-earmarked part of IMF's coffers.

If such an arrangement requires a vote, I submit this as a formal proposal, for voting via email in advance of a live meeting of the Board, as provided in our charter.

I will be launching the store alongside Adium 1.4's release, this weekend, but spreadshirt does not require that the financial setup be in place before they begin fulfilling orders; they'll hold the commissions until arrangements are made.

If you are interested, you may find the store currently at  It will be integrated into the Adium home page after the launch.

The Adium mascot is of course licensed under the GPL.  I have also double-checked with its artist - who contributed it to Adium under the terms of the GPL - and he has no objection to its use on official Adium merchandise.  (I don't believe he'd have any legal recourse if he did have an objection but we chose to proceed, but such things are always easier when everyone is on the same page).

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