Google SoC 2010 travel reimbursement

Ethan Blanton elb at
Sun Oct 31 19:50:48 EDT 2010


Elliott attended the Google Summer of Code 2010 Mentor Summit as our
representative.  As you all may remember, the way this works is that
the mentor pays his own way to the summit, and then Google reimburses
later.  I will be filing for reimbursement from Google, but they pay
on a Net 30 basis, so it will be another month or more before we
receive our Summer of Code payments.  With this in mind, I would like
to propose that we reimburse Elliott for his travel now, and let the
Google reimbursement reimburse IMF Inc.  We did this last year for
Gary and me.

Elliott's travel expenses were $1382.32 CAD, which works out to
$1353.39 USD on the day of purchase (10/4/2010).  I propose that IMF
Inc. mail Elliott a check for $1353.39 as soon as enough votes come in
to approve the measure so that he does not have to float this payment
any longer.

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