2011 Board Meeting Minutes 2011-04-11

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Thu Apr 14 19:52:27 EDT 2011

The 2011 Board Meeting was held at 21:00 UTC on 2011-04-11.

Meeting was by phone, with the conference generously provided by Mark
Spencer.  The meeting began at 12 minutes after the hour.

Members present were John Bailey, Ethan Blanton, Mark Doliner, Sean
Egan, and Zachary West (in proxy for Evan Schoenberg).  John Bailey
arrived during the Old Business.

The minutes of the meeting follow.

Officer and director reelections
  - Unanimously reelected everyone to their present positions.

Treasurer's report (details attached)
  - Treasurer read 2009 financials
    - Approved
  - Treasurer read 2010 financials
    - Amended, legal fees were for Delaware presence (attached
      report is as read, not as amended)
    - Approved
  - Treasurer read 2011 financials
    - Approved

Old Business
  - Pinnacle Processing stopped deducting fees in July 2009
    - Sean will look into this
  - There are several paper bank statements missing from 2009, between
    the treasurer (Ethan Blanton)'s move and the change of banks from
    Charter One to Old National (due to the IMF accounts being
    purchased, beyond our control)
    - Ethan would like to request replacement statements from the bank
    - John says the statements should be about $8
    - If this requires authorization (after consulting the bylaws),
      Ethan will request an email vote
  - 2011 Spreadshirt income of $495 is from Adium
    - Zac West has access to the Spreadshirt accounts
    - Another payment for $55 being issued now
  - Karen from SFLC notified us that some maintenance is required
    for our Delaware presence to keep our business in good standing
    - Sean will follow up on this

New Business
  - Closing credit card processing
    - We don't use this, we will issue an email vote to close these
  - Now that Adium is selling Spreadshirt shirts, the Pidgin project
    may wish to do so as well
    - Mark will look into this and report on options
  - We will file an IRS e-Postcard for 2011, as we do not have enough
    income to require a complete filing

Meeting adjourned at 39 after the hour
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2009 Financials

  We started the year with $15,472.48.  We closed the year with

  We spent $987.81, with $235 going to credit card processing and
  $752.81 to travel reimbursements.

  We took in $4,297.39, with $3,500 coming from SoC mentorship
  payments, $752.81 coming from Google for SoC travel expenses, and
  $44.58 in interest income on our accounts.

2010 Financials

  We started the year with $18,782.06.  We closed the year with $20,364.42.

  We spent $1,783.39, with $60 going to credit card processing, $358
  to legal fees incurred during incorporation, $1,353.39 to travel
  reimbursement, and $12 to bank services (cashier's checks).

  We took in $3,365.75, with $2,000 coming from SoC mentorship
  payments, $1,353.39 in travel reimbursements, and $12.36 in interest
  on our accounts.

2011 Financials YTD

  We started the year with $20,364.42.  As of 2011-04-11, we have

  We have spent $20 on CC processing.

  We have taken in 499.17, with $495 coming from Spreadshirt Payments
  and $4.17 in interest.
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