Vote to close credit card processing accounts.

Sean Egan seanegan at
Fri Apr 15 18:06:26 EDT 2011

In our very first board meeting, we decided to open credit-card
processing accounts with Pinnacle Processing Group and
to accept credit card payments for donations. To date, we have not
processed a single such payment, but have been paying $30/mo ($25 to
Pinnacle and $5 to in service charges [1]. I propose a
vote to cancel these accounts. If there are no objections/amendments,
we can begin voting April 23rd. I will send out another e-mail then.

Shall IM Freedom Inc. cancel its accounts with Pinnacle Processing
Group and

[1] Pinnacle stopped deducting from our account around Juiy, 2009,
presumingly when our bank changed. We assume that account has
automatically been closed, but, pending the outcome of this vote, I'll
assure that's true.

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