bundle our browser extention with software and earn up to $2.00+ per user per year residual income!! V3.1

Dan Cherchian Dan at
Tue Sep 6 16:44:35 EDT 2011

Dear Sean Egan and Mark Doliner (My email below has the potential to earn
your firm $100k to $5 million in the next 12 months, so please take 5
minutes to review it at your earliest convenience -Thx)

I tried to reach you by phone and I've decided to send you and email instead
about our partnership opportunity. I want to fill you in on some new
technology we developed called Smart Suggestor which is a simple Java code
browser add-on which resides on the top left corner on the Google home page
which enhances the users experience with instant relevance search results.
Smart Suggestor which is a domain error and keyword suggestor which provides
3 corrected domain name options with a drop down section which displays
sponsored results when someone searches on Google, Bing and It also
suggest similar sites, content or sponsor results based on relevance and it
has a few other cool features, like watching video's without leaving Google,
Instant Wikipedia research on every keyword searched and find's images
faster and includes shopping comparison engine and much more!


Please watch the 30 second demo video on Smart Suggestor on our website or
you can download it at:


The great thing about Smart Suggestor is it's a simple JavaScript so you can
update your entire user base (Via software update-Eula approved
process-Opt-in) and everyone will have the add-on on their desktop or you
can simply bundle it into all your new installs. Smart Suggestor will
generate huge new revenue streams ranging $0.20 to $0.50  per user per month
(gross revenue) so with your million's of active users you currently have it
won't' take very long to make a huge impact to your bottom line. The good
news is the user can remove the Smart Suggestor software easily so it's a
very clean product, and most people will not even notice it working so the
removal rate will be minimal. We can also white label Smart Suggestor and
are looking to explore new ways you could integrate it into your current


If you're interested, I suggest we do a trial of 10k installs and let's see
how it converts for your users. It's a simple contract and no cost to you to
try Smart Suggestor and all the work is done on our side, it's just two
lines of JavaScript and a few hours of your tech's time to install it in
your software and its ready for distribution. When the test campaign proves
favorable you can roll it out to all your users and start earning millions
of $$ per year in residual income! 


Please email me any questions you have and  let me know what day and time
would be good for a quick 15 minute call with my CEO to discuss our
technology in more detail. 






Dan Cherchian


Fax 800-632-4900 



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