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Edroy Adolphin eeadolphin at
Wed Apr 4 12:20:02 EDT 2012


First, let me say that after trying just about all the Instant 
Messengers out there, I have settled down with Pidgin. It is just 
great!! I have been recommending it to others, but there seems to be a 
real need for more options on the Buddy Icons.

SO, here comes my question: Is there any plan to add an option to 
display Buddy Icons in the conversation window?  It really helps to 
avoid IM'ing the wrong person if a buddy icon is next to the message.  I 
have read that there are options for that feature in the Chat window, 
but I cannot find any for the Messaging window.

Best Regards,

Edroy Adolphin
Pidgin User

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