PayPal account for IMF

Mark Doliner mark at
Sat Mar 10 17:20:57 EST 2012

I'd like to open a PayPal account for IMF.  There's a specific use
case I have in mind that I'd prefer not to mention publicly, but we
also might want to use this account for other things:

- I created and a while ago.  We haven't advertised
these anywhere, but I'd like to start (with a disclaimer that we only
get a few dollars from each sale, and that plain donations are a more
effective way to donate).  Royalty payments from Spreadshirt can be
paid either by PayPal or by direct deposit into a US bank account.  In
this case direct deposit seems easier to me (and it's possible PayPal
charges a fee for this).  Royalty payments from a Zazzle store can be
paid either via PayPal or by mailing a check.  In this case PayPal
seems easier (and I believe PayPal does NOT charge a fee for payments
from Zazzle).

- We could easily accept donations through PayPal.  I don't think we
need to be pushy about this, but it might be interesting to throw a
Donate button on and see what happens.

In short, there are a few reasons why it might be useful for IMF to
have this account, and I don't believe it will cost us in any way.
But maybe people have moral objections to PayPal?

Shall Mark Doliner or Ethan Blanton (treasurer--might be easier for
him) open a PayPal business account on behalf of Instant Messaging
Freedom, Inc., for the purposes of accepting funds for the

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