Meeting soon?

Mark Doliner mark at
Sun Apr 14 17:48:57 EDT 2013

Just a reminder that the board meeting is 24.75 hours from now.
Specifically, Monday April 14 at
22:30 GMT/UTC
18:30 EDT
15:30 PDT

I looked into Google Hangouts and I don't think it's a good solution.
I think it will be easier for us to dial into a conference call
number.  I found a random free service called Rondee that's pretty
easy to use and provides recordings.  How about we try that?  Is
everyone ok with dialing a non-tollfree US number?

Dial: (409) 777-9000 or (916) 209-4534
PIN: 8398876

Anyone is welcome to call in (including non-board members), but please
don't speak during the meeting if you're not on the board.  I imagine
some of us will be hanging out in devel at and
boardroom at on XMPP during the meeting, if you have
questions or things to share.

If anyone is curious, here's the story with Google Handouts:
Normal Google Hangouts allow the initiator to invite Google users who
have a computer with microphone and speakers/headphones, and it allows
the initiator to dial phone numbers and have them join the meeting.
It's mildly inconvenient for the initiator to have to invite and dial
people, and it's not possible to record the call.

"Google Hangouts On Air" is similar to the above.  Differences are
that it automatically records a video and posts it on YouTube, which
is convenient, but unfortunately it does not allow dialog telephones,
and I'm guessing that will be inconvenient for some people.

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