Google SoC 2013 travel reimbursement

Mark Doliner mark at
Tue Dec 3 20:51:44 EST 2013


Elliott Sales de Andrade (cc'ed) attended the Google Summer of Code
2013 Mentor Summit as our representative. As you all may remember, the
way this works is that the mentor pays his own way to the summit, and
then Google reimburses later. Ethan filed for reimbursement from
Google a few weeks ago, but they pay on a Net 30 basis, so it could be
another month or more before we receive our Summer of Code payments.
With this in mind, I would like to propose that we reimburse Elliott
for his travel now, and let the Google reimbursement reimburse IMF
Inc. We did this in 2009 for Gary and Ethan and in 2010 for Elliott.

Elliott's travel expenses were CAD 855.31, which Ethan calculated as
USD 880.11 (sorry, I don't know what day's exchange rate was used). I
propose that Ethan (our wonderful treasurer) write and mail a check
from IMF Inc. to Elliott for the amount of USD 880.11 as soon as
enough votes come in to approve the measure so that he does not have
to float this payment any longer.


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