Paying Tomasz Wasilczyk for security improvements

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I would like to remind everyone that we did set up a discussion at that receives the board@ emails so that there can be wider discussion including non-board members.


On Feb 21, 2013, at 16:56 EST, Mark Doliner <mark at> wrote:

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> Date: Thu, Feb 21, 2013 at 1:49 PM
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> Hi Mark,
> thanks for CC-ing me. I would like to comment on some stuff, so please
> forward this message to the list.
> We (that means, me and few people from Google) tried to set up some
> way to hire me to work on topic mentioned before. Unfortunately, it
> turned out to be *really* complicated to do it straightway - huge
> companies have its weird rules and procedures. They got the idea to
> push it through IMF, as donations are more common and well defined in
> their set of rules.
>> I don't see why Google would use a credit card to make this donation.
>> Why not an electronic funds transfer to the IMF checking account (no fees)
>> or a physical check in the mail ($0.46 plus a fraction of a cent for a check)?
> I think PayPal is just the easiest way to send funds internationally.
> We didn't set (yet?) rigid requirements, I've only got a list of loose
> tasks to comment on. A lion's share of discussion was about troubles
> with setting any possible contract. However, I would prefer to see
> some sort of soft/hard requirements when working on this. I would like
> to emphasize, that the work isn't a simple do-some-tasks-and-forget,
> it's rather a long-time allocation to care about security issues that
> hurts Google. Also, it wasn't said, if tasks to do will be provided
> only from Google, or both Google and IMF/Pidgin crew (merging master
> password branch, for example, sounds interesting and useful).
> Tomek
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