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 temptation. Mind you, she's charming. Men haven't been flogged into constancy, as we have. Remember that. I'm not old-maidish, my dear, though I've escaped holy matrimony. I don't profess hatred of men, they're none so much worse than we are; but they're different, and--pardon my strong language--they're damnably brought up. (_They go up stage towards door._) Beware of that woman, I tell ye. Don't let her get a footing here. And now, give me some tea. ACT DROP. Act II. _Scene: The Studio. Denham discovered at easel near the front R, a small table with colours, etc., beside him, painting Mrs. Tremaine, in a black evening dress. She sits in a chair upon the "throne" a piece of tapestry behind her, up the stage L. Oak table against L wall, above fireplace._ Denham. Head a little more up. No, I don't want you like that. Mrs. Tremaine. Come and pose me then. Denham. All right. (_He poses her, then goes back to the easel._) By Jove! this is getting serious. This is the best thing I have done. Mrs. Tremaine. So you say of them all. This is the third attempt. How many more do you intend to make? Denham. Oh, I don't know! I should like to go on as long as I could make headway. (_He paints in silence for some time._) There, I am getting something I never got before--the real woman at last. Mrs. Tremaine. May I see? Denham. For Heaven's sake, don't stir! (_Paints again._) Blanche! Mrs. Tremaine. Well? Denham. Do you know I was a fool, to say you were not beautiful? Mrs. Tremaine. You only spoke the truth. Denham. It is a higher truth to say you are; and you seem to have grown _more_ beautiful this last month. Mrs. Tremaine. Oh, I am happier now! Denham. Happier? Mrs. Tremaine. Yes. You don't know what an oasis this studio has been to me. I shall be sorry to go back to the desert. 
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