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Matthew and others have noticed that our Treasurer, Colin, has been out of
contact with the Board for quite some time now.  I reached out to him on
Gary's Discord server tonight and we had a short discussion.  Colin thinks
it's in his and our best interests right now if we replace him as
Treasurer.  Per our discussion in the Board group Hangout, I think it's
safe to say that I'm the most reasonable choice given that Ethan wants to
not be Treasurer anymore and Gary doesn't want to assume the role.

So for formality's sake, I'm making two proposals.

Proposal #1, The Board removes Colin from the office of Treasurer.

Proposal  #2, contingent on Proposal #1 passing, the Board appoints me (or
any other volunteer) as interim Treasurer.

Per our voting procedure, voting must open at least 72 hours in the future,
so I'll propose that voting starts at 0000 UTC Friday, 6 December 2019, to
conclude 7 days later at 0000 UTC Friday, 13 December 2019.

Please discuss as necessary, but don't cast votes until Friday!  As usual,
I will cast a vote only in the unlikely event that a tiebreaker is needed.

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