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Hope you actually will not mind my language sentence structure, because i'm from Denmark. I toxified your system with a trojan and now have your private information from your operating-system.

It previously was mounted on a mature webpage after which you've chosen the online video and it, my program immediately gain access to your os.

Afterward, your cam recorded you flying solo, furthermore i documented a vid that you've seen.

Immediately after a short while in addition, it picked up all your social contact list. In case you want me to remove your all that i have - transmit me 2200 euros in btc it is a crypto-currency. It is my wallet transfer address - 1JijSiSM4ZeYBhV41t6pjWekeFvK19Zz7x

At this moment you will have 26hr s. to make a decision The minute i will get the deal i'll get rid of this video and every little thing entirely. If not, please be certain that this evidence is going to be submitted to all your buddies.
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