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Richard Laager rlaager at
Wed Nov 23 00:08:09 EST 2022

On 11/22/22 20:41, Gary Kramlich wrote:
>> Gary, how much money do you want for the following statement of work:
>> 1. "roll out Discourse[3] on a DigitalOcean node, import the mailman
>> users lists into it, and create spaces for Pidgin, Finch, Purple, GNT,
>> and IMFreedom on it with appropriate threads and stuff to replace our
>> existing mailing lists."
>> 2. Spend up to 8 hours attempting to import the mbox archives from
>> Mailman into Discourse, with no care given to preserving URLs.
> This statement of work isn't quite right as the intent is to leave the
> archives where they are[1][2] to avoid redirect hell and breaking tons
> of links across the web. However, running pipemail which is a now
> unmaintained python2 application in 2023 doesn't sound like the best
> idea.
As I understand it, the pipermail issue is the bulk of the migration 
problem. My plan was specifically to give up on trying to preserve the 
URLs, and even the messages themselves if necessary.

That said, can we just scrape the existing pipermail site and save it as 
a static HTML website? That would preserve the messages and the URLs.


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