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Tue Nov 29 18:00:10 EST 2022

On Wed, Nov 23, 2022 at 3:22 PM Matthew <matthew at> wrote:

Sorry for the late reply, between the Holiday and other activities I
didn't have a chance to respond sooner.

> I'm sorry if something I wrote came across as unappreciative or as tasking you with more work. I can see how mentioning mailman archive import into discord could be perceived as that, but I only intended It as a potential solution to the problem you described (which I perceived as seeking suggestions on how to handle archives).

It's nothing you've done directly. The bigger issues are that I
brought up 4 topics in this thread and so far we're only addressing
one of them. Which then means I have to nag about the other 3. And for
what it's worth, I have a call with a lawyer tomorrow about the naming
dispute and in the very near future I'm most likely going to be
bringing up trademarking, which if experience has taught me anything,
is that no one is going to reply ;)

> The current thread about static html archives seems completely fine to me.

Yeah, I wish I had dug into it earlier to realize that was even possible :-/

> Regarding getting sign-off, how many people need to chime in for that, a majority? I think we only had three people respond last time.

The issue about the sign off is we never discussed who was going to
create the account for mailgun and pay for it, but the mail gun idea
was spiked which destroyed any consensus.

> I have no objections to payment for work.

Thank you, I appreciate that.


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