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I don't have thoughts worthy of contributing to this discussion. I'm happy
to go with the flow.

On Wed, 5 Oct 2022, 11:14 Gary Kramlich, <grim at> wrote:

> So I've sent out some feelers but no one has gotten back to me yet, so
> here's what I'm thinking for email... It occurred to me way back when
> when we started migrating stuff off of network redux that discourse
> might be a good fit to replace our email. So now that we're still
> dealing with email.. What does everyone think of using discourse
> instead?
> I'm looking at the pricing and it could be a bit much, but we have
> some stuff to tear down in our cluster that should let us drop a node,
> and if we'd drop the node for email too which _should_ accommodate
> everything.
> So.. Thoughts?
> Thanks,
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