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On 2/1/08, Johann Prieur <johann.prieur at> wrote:
> Hi,
> Before writing pages of worthy documentation, I'd like that we get some
> orientation :
> - What is our priority in terms of protocol version? Is it worthy to take
> time to document older versions of MSNP? Should we only focus on the latest
> version? Should we choose some editorial style defining clearly what are the
> changes between versions ("transition" pages)?

I agree with mariano. Changes/Transition pages are a pest in msnpiki.
MSNP develops as client versions are released, so we should document
the last version completely, and when a new protocol version is
available, the previous version is "tagged" and left there only for
historical purposes and "bugfixes". We should hurry with this, and
have nice MSNP15 docs before MSNP16 is released (WLM 9.0, there are
leaked betas out there)

About documenting previous versions, I guess a link to hypothetic
would be OK :P, since microsoft will drop the older protocols support

>  - What do you think YOU can bring in term of documentation? The goal here
> is to define some tasks and assign them to volunteers so that we don't
> replicate what another is doing and start getting a shape of what's coming.

I am implementing right now a next-generation P2P stack (well, just
refactoring the previous one to build SLP messages with nice objects
:P), and i'm finding many interesting implementation details. I'd be
glad if someone lets me write (at least partially) the p2p transfers
part, since it is so clear and simple in my mind right now.

Also I would love to see those things left apart in msnpiki, such as
the HTTP method documentation, which is only available in hypothetic.


(disclaimer: my english grammar may or may not be bad, that depends on
lots of variables that I am too lazy to consider, thanks)

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