issue with secondary connection with oscar protocol

Brian White mscdex at
Thu Dec 9 06:15:50 EST 2010

I'm in the process of implementing the oscar protocol for a library I'm
creating. The docs I've been able to find along with packet captures have
been working mostly fine for me, until now.

Just recently I added the ability to connect to additional BOS servers for
additional services (especially BART). However, I've found that once I
connect and send the authentication cookie to the second BOS server, any
packets I _send_ (no matter if it's a SNAC or even a keepalive on FLAP
channel 5) to the original server forcefully disconnects me from the
original server (specifically ECONNRESET -- "Connection reset by peer"), no
packet on FLAP channel 4 or any error SNACs or anything. I've noticed though
that the first server won't disconnect me if I send a packet right before I
send the authentication cookie on the second server.

Also, it's strange because I can receive traffic (such as incoming IMs, etc)
just fine from the first server no matter where I am in the login sequence
for the second server.

Does anyone know what might cause something like this? I've compared packet
captures of my library against those of Digsby's and Pidgin's and I don't
really see anything that is drastically different that would cause such an
abrupt disconnection.
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