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Tue Dec 10 18:39:49 EST 2019

Since the bylaws don't prevent overlap of treasurer and president, I vote
in favour of proposal #1.

I thought there was some reason that you couldn't be treasurer, John, due
to conflicts with your employer?  If that's resolved and not actually an
issue any more, I vote in favour of proposal #2


On Tue, 3 Dec 2019 at 15:00, John Bailey <rekkanoryo at> wrote:

> Board,
> Matthew and others have noticed that our Treasurer, Colin, has been out of
> contact with the Board for quite some time now.  I reached out to him on
> Gary's Discord server tonight and we had a short discussion.  Colin thinks
> it's in his and our best interests right now if we replace him as
> Treasurer.  Per our discussion in the Board group Hangout, I think it's
> safe to say that I'm the most reasonable choice given that Ethan wants to
> not be Treasurer anymore and Gary doesn't want to assume the role.
> So for formality's sake, I'm making two proposals.
> Proposal #1, The Board removes Colin from the office of Treasurer.
> Proposal  #2, contingent on Proposal #1 passing, the Board appoints me (or
> any other volunteer) as interim Treasurer.
> Per our voting procedure, voting must open at least 72 hours in the
> future, so I'll propose that voting starts at 0000 UTC Friday, 6 December
> 2019, to conclude 7 days later at 0000 UTC Friday, 13 December 2019.
> Please discuss as necessary, but don't cast votes until Friday!  As usual,
> I will cast a vote only in the unlikely event that a tiebreaker is needed.
> Thanks,
> John
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