Annual Meeting

Peter Lawler relwalretep at
Mon Mar 25 22:31:48 EDT 2019

On 26/3/19 12:12 pm, Richard Laager wrote:
> On 3/25/19 7:53 PM, John Bailey wrote:
>> Also, please make sure you respond with what days and UTC times work for
>> you!
> I'm available more-or-less whenever.
> 11:00 to 15:00 UTC is probably the worst for me.
> 15:00 to 05:00 UTC is the best window.

Good (UGT) Morning,
I'm currently on UTC+11 but will be UTC+10 from the 7th April at 02:00, 
which is 6th April for those behind the times.

I believe Eion will also -1 UTC offset on the same date but a couple 
hours before me (UTC+12 to +11) he is so clever.

As for actual time, barring unforeseen circumstances I'm 'best' 
available between 23:00 UTC and 08:00 UTC before the 7th, remember 6th 
for most readers, and 00:00 UTC and 09:00 UTC after.

As for agenda...

On 26/3/19 11:53 am, John Bailey wrote:
 > Hello fellow board members!
 >        * Gary wants to present an update on the address debacle from
 > last year.
Hi, I'm new to the board. Please refresh my memory ;)
 >        * Election of board members and officers.
I'm prepared to need my memory refreshed again (see previous) next year.
 >        * I'd like to propose IMF disburse $5,000 to Gary to work full
 > time on Pidgin, Adium, and libpurple for a month.
I think there's two things here. One, an amount of money for a hacker's 
work for a period of time and the second selecting another party 
(individual or group) as the recipient of such along with what amount of 
time. I want to be clear I'm not opposed to either idea, nor John's 
original on principal. Just think it's possibly two agenda items. By 
splitting it in two I believe it will enable Board Members to discuss 
and contribute to the proposal of disbursement, and then excuse 
themselves from selection process on any possible conflict grounds (ie, 
they'd like to do the hacking), rather than have the Board Member stand 
out the entire procedure. I'd be happy to propose such a two staged 
approach to disbursement.

. I'd like to propose IMF disburse $5,000 to a party (individual or 
group) to work time on Pidgin, Adium, and libpurple for a month.
. I'd like to propose this year that as soon as practical the IMF 
disburses the monies from the previous proposal to Gary, for the 
purposes of 'work(ing) full time* Pidgin, Adium, and libpurple for a month.'

*I have very little comprehension of what defines 'work' and 'full time' 
in the US context. I'm not too sure what is being proposed qualifies as 
work in my country, and use of the phrase full time would endow the 
recipient with other legal entitlements. I must defer some judgment to 
my US board member peers, so if anyone can provide me (better yet, maybe 
this list?) examples of how this works in similar US based hacker 
groups, it'd be appreciated. Don't mean to be a pain, just being dutiful 
as an IMF board member n stuff.

Catch you (UGT) later,


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