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Mon Mar 25 23:04:06 EDT 2019

"Full time" is legally irrelevant to this situation. The quick summary
is that: when someone A gives someone B money (> $600) as compensation
for work performed, and B is not the employee of A, then in January of
the next year A issues B a "1099-misc" and files that with the IRS so
that B is liable for paying taxes on the income.

It's probably more complicated than that, but I can only speak from my
own experience as a freelance worker receiving 1099's and filing my

On Mon, Mar 25, 2019 at 9:32 PM Peter Lawler <relwalretep at> wrote:
> On 26/3/19 12:12 pm, Richard Laager wrote:
> > On 3/25/19 7:53 PM, John Bailey wrote:
> >> Also, please make sure you respond with what days and UTC times work for
> >> you!
> >
> > I'm available more-or-less whenever.
> >
> > 11:00 to 15:00 UTC is probably the worst for me.
> > 15:00 to 05:00 UTC is the best window.
> Good (UGT) Morning,
> I'm currently on UTC+11 but will be UTC+10 from the 7th April at 02:00,
> which is 6th April for those behind the times.
> I believe Eion will also -1 UTC offset on the same date but a couple
> hours before me (UTC+12 to +11) he is so clever.
> As for actual time, barring unforeseen circumstances I'm 'best'
> available between 23:00 UTC and 08:00 UTC before the 7th, remember 6th
> for most readers, and 00:00 UTC and 09:00 UTC after.
> As for agenda...
> On 26/3/19 11:53 am, John Bailey wrote:
>  > Hello fellow board members!
> *snip*
>  >        * Gary wants to present an update on the address debacle from
>  > last year.
> Hi, I'm new to the board. Please refresh my memory ;)
> *snip*
>  >        * Election of board members and officers.
> I'm prepared to need my memory refreshed again (see previous) next year.
>  >        * I'd like to propose IMF disburse $5,000 to Gary to work full
>  > time on Pidgin, Adium, and libpurple for a month.
> I think there's two things here. One, an amount of money for a hacker's
> work for a period of time and the second selecting another party
> (individual or group) as the recipient of such along with what amount of
> time. I want to be clear I'm not opposed to either idea, nor John's
> original on principal. Just think it's possibly two agenda items. By
> splitting it in two I believe it will enable Board Members to discuss
> and contribute to the proposal of disbursement, and then excuse
> themselves from selection process on any possible conflict grounds (ie,
> they'd like to do the hacking), rather than have the Board Member stand
> out the entire procedure. I'd be happy to propose such a two staged
> approach to disbursement.
> . I'd like to propose IMF disburse $5,000 to a party (individual or
> group) to work time on Pidgin, Adium, and libpurple for a month.
> . I'd like to propose this year that as soon as practical the IMF
> disburses the monies from the previous proposal to Gary, for the
> purposes of 'work(ing) full time* Pidgin, Adium, and libpurple for a month.'
> *I have very little comprehension of what defines 'work' and 'full time'
> in the US context. I'm not too sure what is being proposed qualifies as
> work in my country, and use of the phrase full time would endow the
> recipient with other legal entitlements. I must defer some judgment to
> my US board member peers, so if anyone can provide me (better yet, maybe
> this list?) examples of how this works in similar US based hacker
> groups, it'd be appreciated. Don't mean to be a pain, just being dutiful
> as an IMF board member n stuff.
> Catch you (UGT) later,
> Pete.
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