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Sorry Ethan for the double post, I didn't notice I hit reply and not
reply to all until I had already pressed send...

On 2/25/20 9:06 PM, Ethan Blanton wrote:
> Folding or not folding is a question for another time.  If we think an
> umbrella is no longer useful, we can discuss that, and perhaps hand
> our funds over to another, more active, organization.

Another time like the board meeting or a later date, because we're
horrible at following up on things.

> My concern here is:
> Gary Kramlich wrote:
>> That's my piece and I'm not going to waste any more time debating it.
>> If you really believe that we can be productive and should keep the
>> foundation around, then please step the hell up and get stuff done.  I
>> have been trying to get our address fixed for 3 years now, and all I
>> know is who our registered agent is, with no way of contacting them, or
>> proving my relation to the foundation to them.  Also, I am not a
>> accountant, but our history of tax filing seems to be laughable at best [3].
> 1) I thought I gave you the registered agent information.  Again, it
>    is CT Corp.  I have no idea how to authenticate ourselves to them
>    (and I don't think I ever have).  All I need to pay our bills
>    (which are probably overdue?  I've been paying that out of pocket
>    off and on for years) is our EIN, as I recall.  I didn't know you
>    needed anything in particular.

I asked you in a email to this list dated 2020-01-22.

> 1a) I'm more worried about our Delaware filing, which is actually
>     overdue.  It's not clear whose job it is, I've been doing that,
>     too.  It was originally the President's job, I thought it was
>     again, but I think that was at least one President ago, and I got
>     a notification a few days ago that we're overdue.  I've been doing
>     almost all of the jobs that were originally the President's job
>     for many years.  I wasn't even aware what all of those were, for a
>     while (because they weren't my job), and I had to do a TON of
>     paperwork to clean up after some missed filings a number of years
>     back.

I guess that falls under "She or he shall, when duly authorized by the
Board of Directors, sign and execute all contracts in the name of the
Corporation" in the bylaws.   We should probably have some cliff notes
or something detailing this a bit more to avoid said confusion.

> 1b) You're telling me about people not doing things.  Why do you think
>     I'm so cranky about 3)?  This thing has cost me hundreds of
>     out-of-pocket dollars (which I don't begrudge) and hundreds of
>     hours of work, most of them in years when we couldn't even get a
>     board to meet.

I'm well aware, as I too have put in a fair amount of time as well.  But
the only thing that comes to mind here is to admit defeat and move on.

> 2) The Federal filings are fine.  Non-profit orgs eligible for
>    e-Postcard filing have to file at least one in three years.  We've
>    never missed that.  However, I'm pretty sure that listing is wrong,
>    in that I am quite certain I filed 2018. 2019 is due by May of this
>    year.  This form is easy and free, unlike almost everything else.

I'm aware, and in my opinion this is clearly an argument for folding the
corporation as it is currently no ones priority and I've had to go
against the bylaws to schedule meetings and other things.

> 3) I've been trying to get out from under this !#%!@#$ Treasurer job
>    for like eight years now.  You've seen how that has worked out.
>    As soon as I get the paperwork done, it's John's problem.  As far
>    as I know, he's not on the signature list for the bank yet, I need
>    to contact them again.  (John, I assume you never got a signing
>    card from Old National Bank?)
> Ethan


Gary Kramlich <grim at reaperworld.com>

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