2020 Board Meeting

Richard Laager rlaager at pidgin.im
Tue Feb 25 23:14:52 EST 2020

[Resending from @pidgin.im.]

I somewhat proposed folding last year. I thought we had a consensus that
if nothing changed by this year, we would take that up more seriously
this year.

I was already planning to propose folding into a fund at SPI. I think
that would be an excellent option, if they would have us. Here is their
HOWTO on that: https://www.spi-inc.org/projects/associated-project-howto/

I’m happy to start the informal discussion with SPI.

A related question will be: would we join as IMF (and keep that
“project” going) or as Pidgin. I think Pidgin would be a better fit as
an SPI "Associated Project", but we are currently IMF.


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