PayPal Giving Fund

Richard Laager rlaager at
Tue Sep 13 17:47:02 EDT 2022

On 9/13/22 16:42, Gary Kramlich wrote:
> So yesterday I noticed that Twitch's integrating charity donation
> system is tied to PayPal Giving Fund [1]. Then today I noticed that
> Humble Bundle is also connected to PayPal's Giving Fund.
> So... I would like to propose that we enroll with PayPal's Giving
> Fund, I haven't looked into it much, but it looks like we just need
> someone with access to the PayPal account to goto
> and verify that the account belongs
> to IMF.
> I'm guessing it uses the PayPal avatar for the charity logo
> everywhere, and I can provide the speech bubble logo if necessary, but
> I have an idea for a slightly different logo that I need to whip up
> quickly.
> So, thoughts?

Yeah, someone should do that. I'm not that someone, as I don't have 
access to the account.

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