2009 Board Meeting

Ethan Blanton elb at pidgin.im
Tue Nov 17 13:14:31 EST 2009

Sean Egan spake unto us the following wisdom:
> We are currently overdue for our annual board meeting.

... and it looks like we're going to continue that way.

> Let us try to meet some time the week of the 24th or Dec 1st. These
> two week straddle Thanksgiving, so let me know if either week is
> better or worse for you. I'm thinking Tuesday evening EST, which is
> the day and time we've met in the past.

Myself, Evan, and Luke indicated possible attendance next Tuesday, the
24th.  Presumably Sean can make it, as he sent this email.  Mark
indicated that it was inconvenient for him, but I wasn't clear if he
could make it if necessary.

Neither Luke nor Evan can make it on the 1st; I can, presumably Sean

Nathan has stepped down, and did not indicate that he could attend
either meeting.

We require 4 members to make quorum; it sounds like the 24th is
possible, the 1st is probably not.  Do we want to go ahead and make it
the 24th, understanding that we have at least quorum?

> >From now until the meeting, I am accepting items for the agenda, and
> nominations for directors and officers. I do not wish to be
> re-nominated as President this year; do speak up if you do not wish to
> be re-nominated for your current directorship of officership, so we
> know which roles we need to fill.

So, for officers, we have the following positions and

President: <none>
Vice President: Mark Doliner
Treasurer: Ethan Blanton
Secretary: ?

(It is not clear whether Luke wishes to continue in his capacity as

We also need to fill at least one seat, regardless of whether we add
seats to the board.  I nominate John Bailey for this position.

> Here's a rough, informal initial agenda. Let me know if there are
> additions you would like to add.
> 1. Call to Order
> 2. Roll Call
> 3. Approval of Minutes
> 4. Treasurer's financial report
> 5. Election of directors and officers
> 6. Vote to amend Article I of the by-laws to change the address of the
> corporation
> 7. Adjournment

So far, we wish to vote on:

Accepting Adium into the IMF.
Accepting Vulture into the IMF.

I plan to also put together concrete proposals for the following,
although I understand time is getting short:

Adding two positions to the board, to be filled at a later date.
Setting a deadline for doing something about donations.


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for evils].  They disarm only those who are neither inclined nor
determined to commit crimes.
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