2009 Board Meeting

Mark Doliner mark at kingant.net
Tue Nov 17 13:29:08 EST 2009

On Tue, Nov 17, 2009 at 10:14 AM, Ethan Blanton <elb at pidgin.im> wrote:
> Sean Egan spake unto us the following wisdom:
> We require 4 members to make quorum; it sounds like the 24th is
> possible, the 1st is probably not.  Do we want to go ahead and make it
> the 24th, understanding that we have at least quorum?

I should be able to make it on the 24th--let's plan for that.  6pm EST?

> We also need to fill at least one seat, regardless of whether we add
> seats to the board.  I nominate John Bailey for this position.

I second that (do we need to second stuff? I don't remember).


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