[WISH] An idea for a future built-in translator?

Kristoffer Grundström kristoffer.grundstrom1983 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 4 22:30:17 EST 2010

I'd like to start this email by saying Hi!

As I've chatted with a female friend from Brazil I've started to have this
idea that could be worked at for future releases & for testing if people
like this.

The thing is........ my friend's English vocabulary is OK, but some words DO
get missing & she can't explain what she mean in Portugueese either since
I'm not from thoose countries & haven't learned any other languages than
English & a little German.

My idea is that Pidgin could have a built-in script or function that doesn't
really needs to be enabled to work that translates the incoming text into
YOUR language & the same back to the other person & the script whould also
recognize if this text is written like a document or letter or just a plain
conversation so that the text will turn out correct when translated. I know
that it's a big project, but think a bit.

If a person writes in their native language to you and you don't understand.
If you want this text translated you have to spend time after time after
time after.........you know the drill......to find what that particular word
or sentence means if you DO find it.
Google translate doesn't translate whole sentences correctly since many
words can mean many things.

This idea whould help the user to see what he/she means when the sentence is

That's really it from me.

Please don't dismiss my idea unless you've got a quicker & more effective
idea to solve this problem that won't take you outside the chat-window.

Bye for now

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