can pidgin be used to establish a VPN tunnel (port forwarding question)?

Nefarious Jokester hbk612 at
Tue Jan 19 12:52:05 EST 2010

Hello pidgin developers,
great work so far!Imagine 2 pidgin clients talking to each other behind several layers ofrestrictive and unfriendly NATs and firewalls. The only good news is they can still talk to each other and transfer files.If PORT1 on client1 may be forwarded to PORT2 on client2 over pidgin then a slow VPN tunnel may be built on top of this primitive infrastructure immediately.My question is whether ssh style port forwarding is possible over pidgin?
example of ssh port forwarding that solves my problem(which doesn't work in symmetric/etc. NAT scenarios obviously)client1$  ssh -L33111: client2
Here the local VPN daemon connects to which ssh forwards to remoteVPN daemon on port 33111 and tunnel is established.Sadly ssh falls severely short of the pidgin capabilities where remote communication isconcerned.Danke schoen...
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