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Mark Doliner mark at
Tue Dec 3 21:27:19 EST 2013

According to our minutes (,
at our first board meeting we decided:
"any proposal dealing with the expenditure of more than a total of
$100 (either as a one-time cost, or the sum of recurring
expenditures), must be proposed at least one week before votes are
collected. It may either be proposed for an email vote with one week
of notice, or proposed for vote at a board meeting, provided that the
text of the proposal is present in the meeting agenda one week in

We have interpreted this to mean:
- votes must be proposed 1 week before voting opens
- the voting period lasts 1 week from the time voting opened

This process feels heavy and slow to me. I'd like to make the following changes:
1. The voting period opens immediately when something is proposed.
2. The voting period lasts 2 weeks.
3. The vote will be considered approved or rejected immediately upon
receiving a majority of votes.

The last point might already be the case, but I want to make it
explicit. Do these changes seem reasonable? It removes a 1 week
opportunity for board members to try to persuade each other which way
to vote.

Also, the above decision only deals with expenditures of more than
$100. I couldn't find any documented process for other votes. Maybe we
should follow the same voting process for that, too?

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