Meeting Minutes from 2016-06-07 meeting

Luke Schierer lschiere at
Tue Jun 7 20:18:29 EDT 2016

IM Freedom board meeting 2016-06-07 19:00 EDT using

Meeting called to order at 19:05 EDT.

President - Sean Egan: present
Vice President - Mark Doliner: present
Secretary - Luke Schierer: present
Treasurer - Ethan Blanton: present
Director - John Bailey : present
Director - Evan Schoenberg: not present
Director - Mark Spencer: not present

Gary: present

Approve minutes

Read previous meeting minutes from

Meeting minutes approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report:

2013: 	opened with $23523.18
	closed with $26318.16
			$695.76 in affiliate payments
			$10505.00 in donations
			$2880.11 in SoC mentor stipends & travel reimbursement
			$5.84 interest
			$44.00 from Spreadshirt
			$10000.00 in development funding to Tomasz Wasilczyk
			$455.00 in banking and paypal fees
			$880.11 reimbursement to Elliot Sales de Andrade for SoC travel

	Mark informs us that “affiliate payments” are from SourceForge, due to the traffic we direct them, and the ads they thus get to display. See the " Accelerator Program"

2014:	opened with $26318.16
	closed with $26689.04
			$549.66 in affiliate payments
			$15000.00 in donations
			$4.94 interest
			$27.00 from Spreadshirt
			$15000.00 in development funding to Tomasz Wasilczyk
			$165.34 in banking and paypal fees
			$45.38 in unrecorded expenses (presumed to be paypal fees)
2015:	opened with $26689.04
	closed with $27254.17
			$576.45 in affiliate payments
			$4.95 interest
			$16.27 in banking and paypal fees
	The SoC payment did not arrive until 2016.
Treasure’s report approved unanimously.

Officer and director elections
	* Sean would like to step down from the board.He would particularly like to step down as president.
	* Mark Domineer would also like to step down.
	* Motion to re-elect current board members, with a period of seeking for replacements for those who wish to step down.
		Passed unanimously.

Old Business: Ethan has still not been payed from 2013.This will be taken care of in 2016.

New Business:

	* We stopped receiving notices from our representation in Delaware.
	* We thus stopped paying bills.We need to restart this to have a physical presence in Delaware, and avoid tax problems.
	* We are suspended from the Point of view of the State of Delaware.
		We have not been filing our annual reports.
	* motion that the treasure can pay the representation bill annually upon notifying the board that [s]he has is doing so, and provided that the bill does not change significantly from the previous year.
		Approved unanimously.

adjourned at 19:30 EDT.

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