Meeting Minutes from 2016-06-07 meeting

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Wed Jun 8 02:29:25 EDT 2016

You can probably fix the spelling of your name in the minutes, Mr.
Domineer. :)

On Tue, Jun 7, 2016 at 11:25 PM Mark Doliner <mark at> wrote:

> Thanks, Luke! I sprinkled some awful HTML into the minutes and
> uploaded it to the IM Freedom website:
> Gary: I pushed my changes to ssh:// As
> far as I can tell that's still the source of truth for that repo (I
> didn't see it in Bitbucket). Sorry if that was the wrong thing to do!
> Regarding the SourceForge Accelerator Program:
> I can see download counts and payments made to us at
> I would expect other logged-in
> admins for the Pidgin SourceForge project to see the same thing, but
> it wouldn't surprise me if the dashboard was only enabled for me. We
> could probably contact SourceForge and ask them if other people could
> get access if people are concerned about this.
> Regarding the IM Freedom PayPal account:
> I believe Ethan and I are the two people who currently have access. We
> created it specifically to receive payments from the SourceForge
> Accelerator Program. I thought PayPal recognized us as a non-profit,
> but the lack of a green check mark next to "Confirm your charity
> status" at
> makes me think otherwise. Ethan: Looks like they want an image of a
> bank statement or voided check:
> Regarding the unaccounted for $45.38 from the first few months of 2014:
> Ethan, I'm able to view all account activity back to June 8, 2013 (the
> date we opened the account, I presume) by going to
> and using the
> calendar date range pickers. It requires a stupid amount of clicking,
> but it works. And I can do the same thing on the "Activity including
> balance & fees" tab which allows me to view all fees. I don't see any
> transactions or fees for $45.38. Anyway, I'm not worried about it.
> --Mark
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