Transfer of Treasurer Materials and Duties

John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Mon Jan 6 19:36:39 EST 2020

Hello fellow board members,

In the wake of the vote in our previous email discussion, I need to get all
the information, checks, etc. over to me.  I'm sure I also need to be added
to the bank accounts' signature cards.

Ethan, are you still in possession of any of this, or had you transferred
it all to Matthew and Colin?  Also, Gary and I both need the registered
agent information so we can make sure we're in good standing and take care
of some things related to the corporate mailing address.

Also, does anyone know if we need a corporate resolution for the bank(s) to
change signers?

If you need to contact me off-list, obviously you have my e-mail address,
but I'm also always on XMPP.

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