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Fri Feb 1 02:33:27 EST 2008

On 1 Feb 2008, at 03:04, Dx wrote:

> On 1/31/08, Kevin Stange <kevin at simguy.net> wrote:
>> Luke Schierer wrote:
>>> imfreedom.org still redirects to pidgin.im because I don't have a
>>> separate webpage for it.  If someone writes up some html for it,  
>>> Sean
>>> or I can certainly put it in place and remove the redirect.
>> Is there any reason not to just make the Wiki the top level of the  
>> site?
>>  We can have a designer re-template mediawiki to make it look like a
>> real web site down the road.
>> Kevin
> Quoting the last mail on the previous pseudo list:
> On Wed, Jan 23, 2008 at 06:20:43AM +0000, Tom Hennigan wrote:
>> I've started work on a front page for this site. Just a simple home  
>> page
>> with links to the wiki and mailing lists. Should do the job! I'll  
>> have it
>> ready for Friday I think..
>> - Tom
> Someone find him via IM, thanks.

I'm still around! I've put the design I've done online. You can find  
it here: http://hosting.notjustanothermacuser.com/imfreedom/. I  
thought a lack of images made the site slightly bland, so in this  
variant (http://hosting.notjustanothermacuser.com/imfreedom-with-protocol-logos/ 
), I added 2 IM logos as a test (we won't be able to use these icons  
on the final site).

Please let me know if it's not what you wanted (the design was not  
talked about before..), or if anyone has any suggestions =].

Btw. The lang feature is functional in code, I just haven't added the  
french translation, I enabled the flag in the footer as a demo of what  
we could have.

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> lots of variables that I am too lazy to consider, thanks)
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