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Dx dx at dxzone.com.ar
Fri Feb 1 09:57:51 EST 2008

On 2/1/08, Tom Hennigan <tomhennigan at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm still around! I've put the design I've done online. You can find it
> here: http://hosting.notjustanothermacuser.com/imfreedom/.
> I thought a lack of images made the site slightly bland, so in this variant
> (http://hosting.notjustanothermacuser.com/imfreedom-with-protocol-logos/),
> I added 2 IM logos as a test (we won't be able to use these icons on the
> final site).
> Please let me know if it's not what you wanted (the design was not talked
> about before..), or if anyone has any suggestions =].
> Btw. The lang feature is functional in code, I just haven't added the french
> translation, I enabled the flag in the footer as a demo of what we could
> have.

Nice, my suggestions:
- The reflection and the drop shadow of the header have almost the
same contrast as the "imFreedom" title. A white border may help.
- A bigger header, add more space there :D
- Underlined section headers? Unless you add #anchor links..
- The text is OK, but maybe s/data/documentation/g
- emesene is not in the list :P ..ok, ok, we are not that big. And
pymsn is lowercase, afaik
- The pseudo CMS is nice, but some mod_rewrite love would be better.
- I'm not sure about the page background and the footer.

(note: i am here just to help with docs, i am not the one that says
"this is what we wanted")

- Isn't imfreedom the legal corporation created by pidgin to blah blah
legal blah blah AOL blah blah? But, well, openim is also a jabber
client.. so..
- Will this integrate with mediawiki?


(disclaimer: my english grammar may or may not be bad, that depends on
lots of variables that I am too lazy to consider, thanks)

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